TV Series: Under the Dome

Under the Dome is a Science Fiction type of series. It has a little bit of Drama/Thriller going on but mostly if you don't like Sci-fy series you wont like this one. 

It has a group of very young actors which normally I stray away from because I like good acting (who doesn't) but they are very good

It's about invisible and force field that comes upon a village and what the people inside (and outside) do given there state and resources.

The first episodes are good, but not great and then it anchors you in with the cray plot: "everybody has a story" and a pass... It's really great to see how they deal with living in the bubble and what people are capable of doing. And it also has a sci-fy twist and I'm not talking about the Dome =) 

I recommend to the Sci-fy lovers!!

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