Music: Queen

Queen is my favourite band of all time!!! I had to start by saying that because it just is =D

Queen are a rock band born in the 70s who made so great of the music that they are the forever hit =) Freddie Mercury was the vocalist of the band and the musician of his time. More than a great singer he also wrote lyrics for the band. He was the real thing.

You know when you buy a music DVD/CD and you like one or two musics... this is not the case with Queen, I love every single one. All of them are composed, written and sung beautifully that is makes your ears want more. The "bad" thing is when you already know the lyrics by heart and try to sing... Why, but why do we want to hurt the music ;D Just leave it to THEM!

If you haven't hard them, where are you living under a rock? (not for the two year old people but for there parents and the rest don't have an excuses!!!) 
Go here it immediate!!! =D

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