Visiting Leeds || July 12-16

Hi everyone! 

Todays post is going to be about our (me and my boyfriend David) visit to Leeds.
We went for 3 days to work, taking advantage of that we got there earlier to visit the city =)

One of the places we loved most was the Royal Armouries Museum. We recomend!

Kirkstall Abbey and Park was also great to visit. Great place to relax and have a picnic

 We went to The Oranaise - a morrocain resturant. The food was fantastic their, you have to check them out. They also had an upstairs "room" great for tea. It was amazing!

Love the plates, don't you think? I just wanted to bring them home =D

We loved the city and the people. Everyone was very nice and we they saw we were lost they would aproch us and help us. Fantastic people. Thank you to everyone!!!

I thought it would be easyer if i combined all Leeds vlogs in one post so you can catch up on them if you've missed any. Do you plan on going on any trips soon? Where to?

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