TV Series: Reign

Reign is a great "Historical" series. It's about Mary - Queen of Scots - and the story starts when she arrives in France with 15 years of age, betrothed to Prince Francis.

It's a 42 minutes Fantasy/Drama that will envolve you with their dressing and sceneries. I love these type of series for the artistic value: the clothes, sceneries and how they use their hair ... What it was like in that time. That, for me, is the best part but this series is also very well written and produced.

I haven't seen all of the first season yet but I hope to reach the end this month =) It's very addicting but at the moment I don't have a lot of time =(

The little history that I know from France and King Francis makes this series even more interesting to watch. From what I remember they will get married and Francis dies very young.

I do not know how much it will be alike to the history books but I'm loving it till now =D

I recommend to all lovers of art and costumes.

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