Evening Skincare Routine || Summer 2014l

This kind of routine I usually do every other day, well the mask part! My skin is acing out and I'm needing a mask every other day =/

Usually my skin is dry and a bit flaky on the cheeks but since July hit it's really oily and acne prone on my chin. Some dermatologists say it can be hormones others say it's dehydration... At the moment I really don't know but I'm giving it both treatments:
1) Drinking a lot of water 
2) Using a mask and cleanser for acne

The results until now are a bit positive, but just a little bit. It's getting better the blemishes are drying up and getting smaller. For me this is bad the same cause I never had this much acne and it's here on my face for almost two months =( (sorry to those that suffer with acne for a long time =/ It's a bad thing and gets you even more nerves!!! =( which doesn't help) 

You can also see my morining skin care routine here:

What do you do to your skin when it's crazy? How is your skin doing this summer?

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