TV Series: Haven

Haven is based on Stephen King'sThe Colorado Kid Drama Mystery and turn it into a Science Fiction story. While there are similarities to the book and other King works are referenced, the show is surprisingly original.

Audrey Parker is an FBI agent, who gets a tip that one of her fugitives has been spotted in the small town of Haven Maine. She is a terrific agent, because she knows nothing of who she is or where she came from, but puts everything into her work and it has become her whole life. Once she gets to Haven, she realises that something about this town isn't quite right, but she has no idea what she's in store for.

A lot of Syfy's original shows are on there way out, but Haven is more grounded and has quickly build up a mass of followers, me one of them =D It is already on it's fifth season.

Haven is amazing, it's just one of these addictive shows that draws you in right from the very first episode.  Every episode is better than the one before it and it's just one of those shows you never want to stop watching. I would classify it on a scale 1-10 being a 9.7

 It is one of the best shows I have seen and I really can't recommend it enough!!

Primark Fashion Haul || September 2014

Hi everyone!

Do you want to see me striped... striped of makeup of course. Take your "heads out of the gutter" - like Essie says =D 

In this Primark Haul video I'm face naked and with my gym clothes. With my crazy hair and dull eyes, I'm trying to make a video as soon as I could so you can go buy, if you want, the things I show. They are currently in my Primark, I hope it's in yours too =)

I also added some bloopers, they were so many... I didn't want to have the video go on forever =S

If you have anything to add or if you think I have thing I could improve or add to my videos please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading. 

Movie: Maleficent

Maleficent is another version of The Sleeping Beauty, a more Dark Action version!

This Movie has a duration of 97 minutes and leaves you with all kind of emotions. Of course I had to cry about 5 times in the movie because all animation or animation type movies do that to me =D This one could not be different. It has a lot of Action, Romance/Love and Fantasy like all Disney movies

Angelina Jolie is my favourite actresses so of course I would see this movie with loving eyes =) But putting that aside, it was a very well made film from the realistic way that Beauty fell and details of here face moving to the details of Maleficent's wings moving. Those type of effects are made by pros. The movie making was a great success and they took the Fantasy world to another level of reality that will be hard to be topped

The worst part, for me, the fight with the trees that was "a copy" from Lord of the Rings... They could of been a little more original in that scene.

I loved it and do recommend to all ages. I gave it a 9.2/10.

Movie: Transformers

One more Transformers movie... I love Transformers movies but this last one just left me thinking: "Who changed this?? Why did they change it?? It's getting worst isn't it?!!". It wasn't just me thinking this because I saw it with my boyfriend and he said the same. The "bots" are there but it's the humans that don't fit the part and the writing/producing is worse... sorry but it's just getting bad. I hope the promised fifth that is coming in 2016 is better because I was sad that I didn't go see this movie at the cinema but after seeing it I'm glad.

To me the best Transformers movies were the second and third maybe more the third but they are both really great action movies and that was what I was expecting from this one. In my opinion it lacked in action and had too much car racing... 

If the 5th to come is equally disappointing, it looks like it's going out with "more of a whimper than a bang" as I read in some other reviews.

I sincerely hope that Mark Wahlber does not enter the next one because I do thing he is not the right guy (I do not dislike the actor but I just think he does not fit the role needed in this movie).

I started by just bad nothing the movie and didn't talk a little bit about it for those who did not see any of the four movies: Unlike the middle-class, suburban Sam Witwicky (from the first two movies) — whose mix-up with the Transformers began when he bought a flashy car to fish for a hot date — Cade ( Mark Wahlber in the 4th movie) is a broke Texan who gets into trouble buying a patched-up truck he intends to dismantle and sell off to pay the rent and future college fees of his daughter.

It has neither the first movie's comedic scenes born of the interactions between humans and "bots", neither attains the hyper-sensationalism that makes the second and third utterly over-the-top grandiose showcases of demolition, witch is what I love most =D

It's 165 minutes and 12.6 million dollar movie made of fighting scenes that are badly linked =(

I do have a positive saying about the film: " I loved the dino-bots " =)

I would recommend seeing just get it from a video store and watch at home so you can have the complete sequel for the last movie (hopefully better - and it must be because they had to many bad reviews =D).

I give the first Transformers 9.6/10,
the second 9.9/10,
the third 10/10,
and the forth 5.4/10.

TV Series: The Last Ship

The Last Ship is about a Navy ship that has managed to avoid the worldwide pandemic that killed about 80 percent of the world's population. The crew's task now is to find a cure, stay alive and shield their eyes from shrapnel when things blow up, because lots of things blow up =D

The series consists of about 60 minutes and also has a little Suspense and Drama in the mix but it's mostly and Action series with the well known MC Steamy from Grey's Anatomy =) That is one reason there to watch the series!!!

My boyfriend is loving this series, I have a slightly different opinion: it is a series that is based on it's Action without things blowing up and shooting some targets it would have short bones, but I think it's getting better because not everything is on a ship (later on the season) =) I have seen a bunch of space ship series where all the action and most of the series are on a space ship but I couldn't support more episodes of them on the U.S Navy Ship. I do think that is my Sci-Fi lovin' part.

It already has a second season thought out for 2015.

This is mostly directed to the guys out there, but I would recommend to all Action lovers. I would give it a 6.8/10.

TV Series: Extant

Extant is a futuristic Sci-fi/Thriller about a astronaut which after being in space for about a year, comes home and now is trying to reconnect with her family. She experienced a set of events at space that ultimately change the course of human history.

It has a duration of 45 minutes but it involves you so much that it seems less. It's a very vague series and has a lot that it can work with. 

My boyfriend said that it started good and now it's slowing down. My opinion is a bit different because I thing it started captivating us with the alien part and branched out to be a totally different thing. I'm very curious to see more and if it is going to grow in a good direction or not. Most of the series that have a lot of different ways to vary, chose the wrong path... in my opinion.

It's great to have this kind of series out in the Summer because most of the series are "paused" and we have space to see one more =D 

I recommend this series to everyone... I already recommended it to some of my close friends =D And they are loving it. I would give it a 9/10.

I love me some robots, always!!!

TV Series: Witches of East End

Witches of East End is based on a best-selling book.

It is mostly a Fantasy series enthralled with romance that involve all the characters... and make them do crazy things for love =)

It's 60 minutes of craziness between Mother and the two Daughters that keep a bunch of secrets between each other, and of course that leads to a web of problematic situations.

This is a lady's series but I do invite guys to see it because of the actresses which are very attractive and good for the eyes =D Of course there are great guys in it too, but we're watching for the romance.

It's not the best witch series out there but I would put it in the top 5. I don't think I'm the only one thinking that because it's already on the second season.

I would give it a 7.7 out of 10 but I love all Fantasy and Syfy series ;)

Summer Sale Haul || Primark, H&M, C&A and more

Hi everyone!

I love SALES because you can buy more for less =D

This Summer I went a little cray-cray on the skirts and dresses, it's mostly what I use all year round so I thought I would stock up.

This sale haul has not got everything because when I went on vacation and to Copenhagen I also bought some items more =) 
(The Copenhagen Vlogs and haul are coming next! Stay with your eyes pealed for that.)

If you want to see a transitional fashion Lookbook: how I use the items I bought in Fall/Autumn weather, please leave a comment below or on the video... or on both =D Thanks!!!