Other Favorites and an EXTRA || July 2014

It's always very difficult to narrow LOVEs down but it becomes easier if you can do it every month =)

I love a lot of other things but this was what I was loving most last month!

I talk about series, movies and music among other things. But the one "thing" I want to accentuate is Essie and her vlogs... Oh!!! They are great. Their little family and the things they visit are always so interesting that I can not, not watch. ;D If you haven't hared of them please click:
You will see what I'm talking about =)

The series I'm talking about are reviewed with more detail in the links below, as well as the movie and music group:

Scandal , Under the Dome
The Lego Movie

These were some of the things I loved, please share with me what you are loving at the moment in the comments below.

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