TV Series: Reign

Reign is a great "Historical" series. It's about Mary - Queen of Scots - and the story starts when she arrives in France with 15 years of age, betrothed to Prince Francis.

It's a 42 minutes Fantasy/Drama that will envolve you with their dressing and sceneries. I love these type of series for the artistic value: the clothes, sceneries and how they use their hair ... What it was like in that time. That, for me, is the best part but this series is also very well written and produced.

I haven't seen all of the first season yet but I hope to reach the end this month =) It's very addicting but at the moment I don't have a lot of time =(

The little history that I know from France and King Francis makes this series even more interesting to watch. From what I remember they will get married and Francis dies very young.

I do not know how much it will be alike to the history books but I'm loving it till now =D

I recommend to all lovers of art and costumes.

Music: Queen

Queen is my favourite band of all time!!! I had to start by saying that because it just is =D

Queen are a rock band born in the 70s who made so great of the music that they are the forever hit =) Freddie Mercury was the vocalist of the band and the musician of his time. More than a great singer he also wrote lyrics for the band. He was the real thing.

You know when you buy a music DVD/CD and you like one or two musics... this is not the case with Queen, I love every single one. All of them are composed, written and sung beautifully that is makes your ears want more. The "bad" thing is when you already know the lyrics by heart and try to sing... Why, but why do we want to hurt the music ;D Just leave it to THEM!

If you haven't hard them, where are you living under a rock? (not for the two year old people but for there parents and the rest don't have an excuses!!!) 
Go here it immediate!!! =D

Movie: The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is an Animation not just for kids but also for adults. I think it's a family movie! 

It's 100 minutes long and everyone will just fall in love with it. It's one of the best animations I saw these past months, I love animations so that's saying a lot ;D

As the title says it's about LEGO but, when i first hard about it I thought it was going to be stiff Lego pieces moving and it was going to be bad but I was wrong... It has great graphics and even has a "real people part". Like most animations it's all about a hero that doesn't look like an hero.

My boyfriend "hates" when the animations have a lot of singing parts and he always tries to fast-forward them, of course I don't let him (that's also why he doesn't see many animations with me) but these singing parts were fun and catchy, mostly the first one... We were singing it all month =)

And The Lego Movie 2 is coming in 2017, can't wait =D

Evening Skincare Routine || Summer 2014l

This kind of routine I usually do every other day, well the mask part! My skin is acing out and I'm needing a mask every other day =/

Usually my skin is dry and a bit flaky on the cheeks but since July hit it's really oily and acne prone on my chin. Some dermatologists say it can be hormones others say it's dehydration... At the moment I really don't know but I'm giving it both treatments:
1) Drinking a lot of water 
2) Using a mask and cleanser for acne

The results until now are a bit positive, but just a little bit. It's getting better the blemishes are drying up and getting smaller. For me this is bad the same cause I never had this much acne and it's here on my face for almost two months =( (sorry to those that suffer with acne for a long time =/ It's a bad thing and gets you even more nerves!!! =( which doesn't help) 

You can also see my morining skin care routine here:

What do you do to your skin when it's crazy? How is your skin doing this summer?

TV Series: Under the Dome

Under the Dome is a Science Fiction type of series. It has a little bit of Drama/Thriller going on but mostly if you don't like Sci-fy series you wont like this one. 

It has a group of very young actors which normally I stray away from because I like good acting (who doesn't) but they are very good

It's about invisible and force field that comes upon a village and what the people inside (and outside) do given there state and resources.

The first episodes are good, but not great and then it anchors you in with the cray plot: "everybody has a story" and a pass... It's really great to see how they deal with living in the bubble and what people are capable of doing. And it also has a sci-fy twist and I'm not talking about the Dome =) 

I recommend to the Sci-fy lovers!!

Leeds Haul || Primark, H&M and more...

Hello everyone!

In case you missed the video I posted the other day… it’s a haul from when I went to Leedswhich was amazing! Of course I did some shopping while I was there... Who could resist the fantastic prices and so much diversity? I couldn't buy everything because it wouldn't fit in my luggage but I bought some things:

In this video i have Bloopers for the first time, my boyfriend said it would be funny, I don't know?!? Maybe the weird faces I make =D
I also bought some souvenirs that I didn't filme... next time I'll filme them too!

Have you tried any of the products I showed in this video?

Other Favorites and an EXTRA || July 2014

It's always very difficult to narrow LOVEs down but it becomes easier if you can do it every month =)

I love a lot of other things but this was what I was loving most last month!

I talk about series, movies and music among other things. But the one "thing" I want to accentuate is Essie and her vlogs... Oh!!! They are great. Their little family and the things they visit are always so interesting that I can not, not watch. ;D If you haven't hared of them please click:
You will see what I'm talking about =)

The series I'm talking about are reviewed with more detail in the links below, as well as the movie and music group:

Scandal , Under the Dome
The Lego Movie

These were some of the things I loved, please share with me what you are loving at the moment in the comments below.

TV Series: Scandal

Scandal started on April 5th of 2012 and now is on the 4th season.

It's a Political Drama type of series and I'm loving it!!! It's the type of series that you can't just watch one episode, so be aware =D

It revolves around the White House, president and it's management, campaign wise and other matters too.

The episodes last about 43 minutes and it's enough to get you addicted. It has a lot of action and also some romance making it a fantastic series that everyone falls in love with.

I'm addicted and can't wait to see more. 

Visiting Leeds || July 12-16

Hi everyone! 

Todays post is going to be about our (me and my boyfriend David) visit to Leeds.
We went for 3 days to work, taking advantage of that we got there earlier to visit the city =)

One of the places we loved most was the Royal Armouries Museum. We recomend!

Kirkstall Abbey and Park was also great to visit. Great place to relax and have a picnic

 We went to The Oranaise - a morrocain resturant. The food was fantastic their, you have to check them out. They also had an upstairs "room" great for tea. It was amazing!

Love the plates, don't you think? I just wanted to bring them home =D

We loved the city and the people. Everyone was very nice and we they saw we were lost they would aproch us and help us. Fantastic people. Thank you to everyone!!!

I thought it would be easyer if i combined all Leeds vlogs in one post so you can catch up on them if you've missed any. Do you plan on going on any trips soon? Where to?

A Little Late =O Primark Haul of July

I Love Primark! Going shopping there is always a workout because of the crowd, amount of items and ... well I love to see everything with great detail ;D

I also love seeing what other people buy in there Primark, so i thought: Why not share my haul with you!

All the products i share with you here are still in my Primark.

Most of the things I bought I also took on my trip to Leeds (also have two vlogs from there on my youtube chanel: first already was posted the other is comming on Friday!) I was having a "Coral Day", loving coral for summer =)

Have you went to Primark latly? Please share in the comments what you bought or planning to buy.

Favorites || July 2014

If you want to see the beauty items I was using last month please click on this video:

Last month was a crazy month for my skin =( I had crazy acne all month and it continues also now :'( I'm using a acne scrub that is helping it to dry faster but the sweating from the gym is not giving it a chance to work properly. If you have any tips please leave in the comments below.

I talk about skin favorites but also other beauty/fashion favorites, hope you like the video and if you do please subscribe. Thanks. =)