Movie: Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar is a 169 minutes Sci-Fi movie which I went to see at the cinema because it was promising =) Most great action movies I love to go and see them at the cinema, in my opinion they are the best movies you can see there because they will just make you stay alert (and not sleep through, because paying money to sleep through something is not a good choice) and the emotions are amplified.

In Resume: Cooper belongs to a lost generation; a former engineer and test pilot, he expected to become an astronaut, but dire economic conditions forced the closure of NASA and the abandonment of the space program. His precocious 10-year-old daughter shares her father's long-ago enthusiasm.
 The path to the new planet is through a wormhole near Saturn. The movie has plenty of technical dialogue and physical demonstrations devoted to how the astronauts will slip through this envelope in space and emerge in a different galaxy near another planet that might support life as we know it. 

Christopher Nolan aims for the stars in this brainy and gargantuan sci-fi epic story where the humankind will one day need to migrate from Earth to some other planet we can call home. This gargantuan enterprise brushes up against science facts, or at least intelligent speculation, as much as it can in an effort to make the idea of leaving and returning to our solar system as dramatically plausible as possible. 

I love the message that circulates throughout the movie that however dark it seems to be or become and even if the light is slowly dying in one place, a reasonable light through a window might appear and be found as long as we try and try. There's no rage here, just a healthy belief in mid-20th century-style Yankee gumption and a can-do attitude.

I'm not a fan of Anne Hathaway but of course Matthew McConaughey had a great performance he is without a doubt a great actor. And in this movie he has again a star performance.

I loved the movie and recommend it to everyone, I dare to say it was one of the best from this year and I give it a 10/10. These types of movies go to my pile to re-watch and re-watch =D

Kate Spade Runway Inspired Hair Tutorial || High Ponytail

I love seeing Runway Shows and runway programs like: Runway All Stars that I'm now watching. It's very interesting to see what is in and if it suits my personal style. If I does I will gladly adopt it =D

This is a every day, easy hair style that everyone can do quickly in the morning and it gets the hair away from our face. Also it's great to use with a scarf because it doesn't get entangled so easily.

Here I use a head band but you can use a ribbon or even a piece of leather like they used on the Runways. If you like this than take a look at the video I made:

What hair tutorial would you like me to do next?

Donna Karan Runway Inspired Makeup Tutorial || Silver Smokey Eyes

As Christmas is almost here and the festivities/parties are on there way... if not already here for the early ones and/or crazy party people =D (Like me) This look will be something I'm going to rock because silver is in and blue is my colour of choice for many outfits. I paired a silvery blue base which give vibrancy to the creamy silvers and grey shades from Lorac and Urban Decay.

Hope you do your version of this look and leave the link to it in the comments. I also have a video on this look if you want to see a moving version of this ;D

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TV Series: Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a Sci-fy series about cloning, begins with two embryos being split into two before being split again... and again... and again. A simple concept, yet encompasses the theme of the clone drama. It already has two seasons and the third is on it's way.

In Resume: Season one started with our introduction to foul-mouthed, street-tough and punkish Sarah,  After a long absence, she returns to reclaim and be reunited with her young daughter, Kira. She witnesses the suicide of police detective Beth, who looked exactly like her so she decides to steal Beth’s identity not knowing she was a cop or that they were clones.
More through the series Sarah discovers where they all came from and who was trying to kill them, finding some other "sister clones" in the process.
The second season is all about a religious cult hell-bent on destroying the clones introducing a number of new enigmatic characters in to the mix.

For the viewers that don't like sci-fy series this is so well done that you can overlook the paranormal elements in the characters and it is written well enough that you aren't just constantly thinking, "She's a clone"; your thinking, "Oh, that's Cosima, who is completely different from Alison," etc. The makers proved in early stages that the series has a lot of substance than you might expect.

The series is fantastic as I Love Sci-fy series so I'm immediately a fan until proved wrong. For me this is a 9.7/10 because it has a bunch of action, the actress is quite good and love their wardrobe =D

Suno Inspired Nails || Gold Tips

Christmas is coming and of course the sparkles with it! I love sparkles all year arround but this time of year I can use them everyday, all day =D

I love Fashion and see what is on the runways is allways a thing I love to do. If I love something from there it's certain I'm going to buy it and/or make it. It's easy to be in fashion when you love the TREND and these nails are easy and fun to do.  Just make the trend yours giving it you twist like I did with a sparkly accent nail. If you like you can change up the colors of the tips.

This design is very popular in the Fall and Winter Runways but it extendes it self to the Spring and Summer too. Change the colors to PASTELS and your in the Spring =D I will have some Spring and Summer nail tutorials coming too (hopefuly with better quality

TV Sereis: Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is a 65 minute Dama-chronicle of the lives of the Crawley family beginning in the years leading up to World War I. It's a look at how the very wealthy, of a certain time, handled the annoyances of the real world that change comes very slowly around them. 

Summery of the 1st through 4th season: Those that weren't shaken off by the dubious plotting of season two came back with joy and anticipation for season three (which was better).  They got through the marriage of the youngest sister to a worker. Her death and his integration in the family; Mr. Bates in jail; American relatives; financial crises and adapting to the new era; Mrs. Patmore in love; plus the marriage of Lady Mary and Matthew and all the Drama that came before... And much, much more than you can ever imagine. 

Other reviewers say that many of the core Downton fans are not the type to read spoilers when the season airs in England first.

From the Dowager Countess to Lady Mary to Mr. Bates and his Anna, fans fall for the well-drawn, well-acted bunch and therefore put up with whatever trifles writer and creator Julian Fellowes dreams up for them. If you're a fan of twists than the season four is especially good for you.

If you're hoping the good folks from the village rise up with pitchforks and torches to burn Downton to the ground, you'll have to wait at least until the seventh season. =D

At the moment it's on season 5 and it's fantastic, I even think it got better. =) I love the series because of it's EVERYTHING!!! Love the story, the clothes/fashion, the hair and the crazy era. Love how we can see the different social classes.I'm very excited to see the Christmas episode, they are always very special and give a kick to see the next season. For me this series is a 9/10.

Valentino Inspired Hair Tutorial: Bubble Ponytail

Some time ago I was watching the runway shows and this hair style caught my eye because it's easy to do everyday =D and it's really fun.

Get inspired by Guido Palau’s hairstyle and apply elastics on each section of your ponytail, tease and your ready to go!

In case you would like to see a tutorial I have one on my youtube channel:

Mine is a bit crooked =S but you can get the idea (hopefully) and I had a lot of fun doing this one even though my cat was in front of the mirror =/ I did not do a centre part because it's more flattering on me when it's all back.

I'm going to do more Runway inspired looks (not just hair tutorials) so stay with your eyes pealed =D

Did you see any runway shows? What was your favourite hairstyle for Fall/Autumn? 

TV Sereis: The Leftoveres

The Leftoveres is a kind of Drama, Mystery series. I never had seen a series with this type of story. It is based on a book of the same name by Tom Perrotta and written and executive produced by Damon Lindelof, the premise is that three years prior, an unexplained event happened: two percent of the world’s population just vanished in to thin air!!! No one really knows what happened but they are associating it to a Rapture

It's a very strange mystery because they don't reveal a lot on the first season so this series has a lot of promise in my opinion but it can also go badly wrong. 

It's a kind of series that makes you thing about "if you were in that position...", "what would you do?". Some of the episodes are a little slow but that is normal because there is lots of parts and different peoples story's to tell.

I already have seen all of the first season and I'm excited to see what comes next =) We (me and my boyfriend) saw the first season in one week and a half. That is fast for us ;D the second season is coming next year.

I would give it a 8/10 and my boyfriend says it's a 9/10 =D I would recommend to everyone!!!

TV Series: Lost Girl

Lost Girl is a 60 minute Fantasy/Crime series. This series is idealy made for the loveres of wolfman, vampires and supernatural powers.

It's a kind of darivation from Buffy or Angel but a bit more modern and with more supernatural powers.

This is a story about Bo - a succubus - who feeds off sexual energy to survive. She's alone and doesn't undersand why this is happening but rapidly finds her more people with different abbilities and discoveres this whole different world. She refeuses to embrace their clan system and its rigid hierarchy. Bo is a renegade who takes up the fight for the underdog while searching for the truth about her own mysterious origins.

It has a big amount of Action and Romance scenes which makes it intersting and usualy I like to see more than one or two episodes in one day. I'm always curiouse to see what comes next or how that "mini story" is going to end. 

Canadian producer Prodigy Pictures told The Hollywood Reporterthat Lost Girl will wrap internationally after its upcoming season, and Syfy confirmed the fifth season will be the last one stateside.

I would recomend this to all fantasy/action loveres and it's also a girly sereis because of the amount of LOVE =D I give it a 7.7/10 because it keeps me intressed.

Movie: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow has all that I love in a movie: a bucket full of Action and a load of Sci-fi in the mix. Love time travelling related movies and theories.

Edge of Tomorrow plays out a familiar alien invasion apocalypse drama in a way that, through repetition, allows humanity to learn from its mistakes. 

It's a 113 minute movie that was based on a well-regarded novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, the clever script by Christopher McQuarrie, Jez and John-Henry Butterworth not only plays with time and the way technology could be used to upgrade human capabilities, but takes a relatively playful attitude toward the familiar battle tropes.

I do not know if any of you guys saw the movie: Groundhog Day, I loved that movieEdge of Tomorrow is like Groundhog Day but with Aliens and Pain =D

I give this movie a 10/10 but boyfriend would say it's a 8/10 so opinions my vary weather you like the combo (Action + Sci-fy) or not.

August and September Beauty Favorites

Hi everyone!!!
Last month I didn't do one of these =/ so this month I thought "Why not compact the two" and here it is:

There is going to be a lot of makeup and skin products, fashion items and nail polish/varnish

Soon I'll have the other favourites video up =D

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TV Series: Elementary

Elementary is a Sherlock series. It's not as good as the series: Sherlock but it's a good Crime series. It's already on a second season and a third is coming =) 

It has a lot of neat tricks and tips for you to notice better what surrounds you and also you can "learn" how to read a scene (not really but almost =D). 

It is very repetitive like any CSI but it also has a little romance in the mix.

Sherlock is sent to New York by his father after falling out of favour as a consultant for Scotland Yard and also needing a stint in rehab. This Sherlock story has a twist: Watson is Female =D

I'm loving the series but I do think it should have more action so that I would be stuck to the monitor. That's why I'm just giving it a 6.4/10. 
For me a series that has a lot of action and makes me want to see 3 or more episodes at once makes the 7 mark, if it doesn't get me stuck to it... sorry but I cant give it more.

TV Series: Haven

Haven is based on Stephen King'sThe Colorado Kid Drama Mystery and turn it into a Science Fiction story. While there are similarities to the book and other King works are referenced, the show is surprisingly original.

Audrey Parker is an FBI agent, who gets a tip that one of her fugitives has been spotted in the small town of Haven Maine. She is a terrific agent, because she knows nothing of who she is or where she came from, but puts everything into her work and it has become her whole life. Once she gets to Haven, she realises that something about this town isn't quite right, but she has no idea what she's in store for.

A lot of Syfy's original shows are on there way out, but Haven is more grounded and has quickly build up a mass of followers, me one of them =D It is already on it's fifth season.

Haven is amazing, it's just one of these addictive shows that draws you in right from the very first episode.  Every episode is better than the one before it and it's just one of those shows you never want to stop watching. I would classify it on a scale 1-10 being a 9.7

 It is one of the best shows I have seen and I really can't recommend it enough!!

Primark Fashion Haul || September 2014

Hi everyone!

Do you want to see me striped... striped of makeup of course. Take your "heads out of the gutter" - like Essie says =D 

In this Primark Haul video I'm face naked and with my gym clothes. With my crazy hair and dull eyes, I'm trying to make a video as soon as I could so you can go buy, if you want, the things I show. They are currently in my Primark, I hope it's in yours too =)

I also added some bloopers, they were so many... I didn't want to have the video go on forever =S

If you have anything to add or if you think I have thing I could improve or add to my videos please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading. 

Movie: Maleficent

Maleficent is another version of The Sleeping Beauty, a more Dark Action version!

This Movie has a duration of 97 minutes and leaves you with all kind of emotions. Of course I had to cry about 5 times in the movie because all animation or animation type movies do that to me =D This one could not be different. It has a lot of Action, Romance/Love and Fantasy like all Disney movies

Angelina Jolie is my favourite actresses so of course I would see this movie with loving eyes =) But putting that aside, it was a very well made film from the realistic way that Beauty fell and details of here face moving to the details of Maleficent's wings moving. Those type of effects are made by pros. The movie making was a great success and they took the Fantasy world to another level of reality that will be hard to be topped

The worst part, for me, the fight with the trees that was "a copy" from Lord of the Rings... They could of been a little more original in that scene.

I loved it and do recommend to all ages. I gave it a 9.2/10.

Movie: Transformers

One more Transformers movie... I love Transformers movies but this last one just left me thinking: "Who changed this?? Why did they change it?? It's getting worst isn't it?!!". It wasn't just me thinking this because I saw it with my boyfriend and he said the same. The "bots" are there but it's the humans that don't fit the part and the writing/producing is worse... sorry but it's just getting bad. I hope the promised fifth that is coming in 2016 is better because I was sad that I didn't go see this movie at the cinema but after seeing it I'm glad.

To me the best Transformers movies were the second and third maybe more the third but they are both really great action movies and that was what I was expecting from this one. In my opinion it lacked in action and had too much car racing... 

If the 5th to come is equally disappointing, it looks like it's going out with "more of a whimper than a bang" as I read in some other reviews.

I sincerely hope that Mark Wahlber does not enter the next one because I do thing he is not the right guy (I do not dislike the actor but I just think he does not fit the role needed in this movie).

I started by just bad nothing the movie and didn't talk a little bit about it for those who did not see any of the four movies: Unlike the middle-class, suburban Sam Witwicky (from the first two movies) — whose mix-up with the Transformers began when he bought a flashy car to fish for a hot date — Cade ( Mark Wahlber in the 4th movie) is a broke Texan who gets into trouble buying a patched-up truck he intends to dismantle and sell off to pay the rent and future college fees of his daughter.

It has neither the first movie's comedic scenes born of the interactions between humans and "bots", neither attains the hyper-sensationalism that makes the second and third utterly over-the-top grandiose showcases of demolition, witch is what I love most =D

It's 165 minutes and 12.6 million dollar movie made of fighting scenes that are badly linked =(

I do have a positive saying about the film: " I loved the dino-bots " =)

I would recommend seeing just get it from a video store and watch at home so you can have the complete sequel for the last movie (hopefully better - and it must be because they had to many bad reviews =D).

I give the first Transformers 9.6/10,
the second 9.9/10,
the third 10/10,
and the forth 5.4/10.

TV Series: The Last Ship

The Last Ship is about a Navy ship that has managed to avoid the worldwide pandemic that killed about 80 percent of the world's population. The crew's task now is to find a cure, stay alive and shield their eyes from shrapnel when things blow up, because lots of things blow up =D

The series consists of about 60 minutes and also has a little Suspense and Drama in the mix but it's mostly and Action series with the well known MC Steamy from Grey's Anatomy =) That is one reason there to watch the series!!!

My boyfriend is loving this series, I have a slightly different opinion: it is a series that is based on it's Action without things blowing up and shooting some targets it would have short bones, but I think it's getting better because not everything is on a ship (later on the season) =) I have seen a bunch of space ship series where all the action and most of the series are on a space ship but I couldn't support more episodes of them on the U.S Navy Ship. I do think that is my Sci-Fi lovin' part.

It already has a second season thought out for 2015.

This is mostly directed to the guys out there, but I would recommend to all Action lovers. I would give it a 6.8/10.

TV Series: Extant

Extant is a futuristic Sci-fi/Thriller about a astronaut which after being in space for about a year, comes home and now is trying to reconnect with her family. She experienced a set of events at space that ultimately change the course of human history.

It has a duration of 45 minutes but it involves you so much that it seems less. It's a very vague series and has a lot that it can work with. 

My boyfriend said that it started good and now it's slowing down. My opinion is a bit different because I thing it started captivating us with the alien part and branched out to be a totally different thing. I'm very curious to see more and if it is going to grow in a good direction or not. Most of the series that have a lot of different ways to vary, chose the wrong path... in my opinion.

It's great to have this kind of series out in the Summer because most of the series are "paused" and we have space to see one more =D 

I recommend this series to everyone... I already recommended it to some of my close friends =D And they are loving it. I would give it a 9/10.

I love me some robots, always!!!

TV Series: Witches of East End

Witches of East End is based on a best-selling book.

It is mostly a Fantasy series enthralled with romance that involve all the characters... and make them do crazy things for love =)

It's 60 minutes of craziness between Mother and the two Daughters that keep a bunch of secrets between each other, and of course that leads to a web of problematic situations.

This is a lady's series but I do invite guys to see it because of the actresses which are very attractive and good for the eyes =D Of course there are great guys in it too, but we're watching for the romance.

It's not the best witch series out there but I would put it in the top 5. I don't think I'm the only one thinking that because it's already on the second season.

I would give it a 7.7 out of 10 but I love all Fantasy and Syfy series ;)

Summer Sale Haul || Primark, H&M, C&A and more

Hi everyone!

I love SALES because you can buy more for less =D

This Summer I went a little cray-cray on the skirts and dresses, it's mostly what I use all year round so I thought I would stock up.

This sale haul has not got everything because when I went on vacation and to Copenhagen I also bought some items more =) 
(The Copenhagen Vlogs and haul are coming next! Stay with your eyes pealed for that.)

If you want to see a transitional fashion Lookbook: how I use the items I bought in Fall/Autumn weather, please leave a comment below or on the video... or on both =D Thanks!!!

TV Series: Reign

Reign is a great "Historical" series. It's about Mary - Queen of Scots - and the story starts when she arrives in France with 15 years of age, betrothed to Prince Francis.

It's a 42 minutes Fantasy/Drama that will envolve you with their dressing and sceneries. I love these type of series for the artistic value: the clothes, sceneries and how they use their hair ... What it was like in that time. That, for me, is the best part but this series is also very well written and produced.

I haven't seen all of the first season yet but I hope to reach the end this month =) It's very addicting but at the moment I don't have a lot of time =(

The little history that I know from France and King Francis makes this series even more interesting to watch. From what I remember they will get married and Francis dies very young.

I do not know how much it will be alike to the history books but I'm loving it till now =D

I recommend to all lovers of art and costumes.

Music: Queen

Queen is my favourite band of all time!!! I had to start by saying that because it just is =D

Queen are a rock band born in the 70s who made so great of the music that they are the forever hit =) Freddie Mercury was the vocalist of the band and the musician of his time. More than a great singer he also wrote lyrics for the band. He was the real thing.

You know when you buy a music DVD/CD and you like one or two musics... this is not the case with Queen, I love every single one. All of them are composed, written and sung beautifully that is makes your ears want more. The "bad" thing is when you already know the lyrics by heart and try to sing... Why, but why do we want to hurt the music ;D Just leave it to THEM!

If you haven't hard them, where are you living under a rock? (not for the two year old people but for there parents and the rest don't have an excuses!!!) 
Go here it immediate!!! =D

Movie: The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is an Animation not just for kids but also for adults. I think it's a family movie! 

It's 100 minutes long and everyone will just fall in love with it. It's one of the best animations I saw these past months, I love animations so that's saying a lot ;D

As the title says it's about LEGO but, when i first hard about it I thought it was going to be stiff Lego pieces moving and it was going to be bad but I was wrong... It has great graphics and even has a "real people part". Like most animations it's all about a hero that doesn't look like an hero.

My boyfriend "hates" when the animations have a lot of singing parts and he always tries to fast-forward them, of course I don't let him (that's also why he doesn't see many animations with me) but these singing parts were fun and catchy, mostly the first one... We were singing it all month =)

And The Lego Movie 2 is coming in 2017, can't wait =D

Evening Skincare Routine || Summer 2014l

This kind of routine I usually do every other day, well the mask part! My skin is acing out and I'm needing a mask every other day =/

Usually my skin is dry and a bit flaky on the cheeks but since July hit it's really oily and acne prone on my chin. Some dermatologists say it can be hormones others say it's dehydration... At the moment I really don't know but I'm giving it both treatments:
1) Drinking a lot of water 
2) Using a mask and cleanser for acne

The results until now are a bit positive, but just a little bit. It's getting better the blemishes are drying up and getting smaller. For me this is bad the same cause I never had this much acne and it's here on my face for almost two months =( (sorry to those that suffer with acne for a long time =/ It's a bad thing and gets you even more nerves!!! =( which doesn't help) 

You can also see my morining skin care routine here:

What do you do to your skin when it's crazy? How is your skin doing this summer?