Movie: Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar is a 169 minutes Sci-Fi movie which I went to see at the cinema because it was promising =) Most great action movies I love to go and see them at the cinema, in my opinion they are the best movies you can see there because they will just make you stay alert (and not sleep through, because paying money to sleep through something is not a good choice) and the emotions are amplified.

In Resume: Cooper belongs to a lost generation; a former engineer and test pilot, he expected to become an astronaut, but dire economic conditions forced the closure of NASA and the abandonment of the space program. His precocious 10-year-old daughter shares her father's long-ago enthusiasm.
 The path to the new planet is through a wormhole near Saturn. The movie has plenty of technical dialogue and physical demonstrations devoted to how the astronauts will slip through this envelope in space and emerge in a different galaxy near another planet that might support life as we know it. 

Christopher Nolan aims for the stars in this brainy and gargantuan sci-fi epic story where the humankind will one day need to migrate from Earth to some other planet we can call home. This gargantuan enterprise brushes up against science facts, or at least intelligent speculation, as much as it can in an effort to make the idea of leaving and returning to our solar system as dramatically plausible as possible. 

I love the message that circulates throughout the movie that however dark it seems to be or become and even if the light is slowly dying in one place, a reasonable light through a window might appear and be found as long as we try and try. There's no rage here, just a healthy belief in mid-20th century-style Yankee gumption and a can-do attitude.

I'm not a fan of Anne Hathaway but of course Matthew McConaughey had a great performance he is without a doubt a great actor. And in this movie he has again a star performance.

I loved the movie and recommend it to everyone, I dare to say it was one of the best from this year and I give it a 10/10. These types of movies go to my pile to re-watch and re-watch =D

Kate Spade Runway Inspired Hair Tutorial || High Ponytail

I love seeing Runway Shows and runway programs like: Runway All Stars that I'm now watching. It's very interesting to see what is in and if it suits my personal style. If I does I will gladly adopt it =D

This is a every day, easy hair style that everyone can do quickly in the morning and it gets the hair away from our face. Also it's great to use with a scarf because it doesn't get entangled so easily.

Here I use a head band but you can use a ribbon or even a piece of leather like they used on the Runways. If you like this than take a look at the video I made:

What hair tutorial would you like me to do next?

Donna Karan Runway Inspired Makeup Tutorial || Silver Smokey Eyes

As Christmas is almost here and the festivities/parties are on there way... if not already here for the early ones and/or crazy party people =D (Like me) This look will be something I'm going to rock because silver is in and blue is my colour of choice for many outfits. I paired a silvery blue base which give vibrancy to the creamy silvers and grey shades from Lorac and Urban Decay.

Hope you do your version of this look and leave the link to it in the comments. I also have a video on this look if you want to see a moving version of this ;D

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TV Series: Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a Sci-fy series about cloning, begins with two embryos being split into two before being split again... and again... and again. A simple concept, yet encompasses the theme of the clone drama. It already has two seasons and the third is on it's way.

In Resume: Season one started with our introduction to foul-mouthed, street-tough and punkish Sarah,  After a long absence, she returns to reclaim and be reunited with her young daughter, Kira. She witnesses the suicide of police detective Beth, who looked exactly like her so she decides to steal Beth’s identity not knowing she was a cop or that they were clones.
More through the series Sarah discovers where they all came from and who was trying to kill them, finding some other "sister clones" in the process.
The second season is all about a religious cult hell-bent on destroying the clones introducing a number of new enigmatic characters in to the mix.

For the viewers that don't like sci-fy series this is so well done that you can overlook the paranormal elements in the characters and it is written well enough that you aren't just constantly thinking, "She's a clone"; your thinking, "Oh, that's Cosima, who is completely different from Alison," etc. The makers proved in early stages that the series has a lot of substance than you might expect.

The series is fantastic as I Love Sci-fy series so I'm immediately a fan until proved wrong. For me this is a 9.7/10 because it has a bunch of action, the actress is quite good and love their wardrobe =D

Suno Inspired Nails || Gold Tips

Christmas is coming and of course the sparkles with it! I love sparkles all year arround but this time of year I can use them everyday, all day =D

I love Fashion and see what is on the runways is allways a thing I love to do. If I love something from there it's certain I'm going to buy it and/or make it. It's easy to be in fashion when you love the TREND and these nails are easy and fun to do.  Just make the trend yours giving it you twist like I did with a sparkly accent nail. If you like you can change up the colors of the tips.

This design is very popular in the Fall and Winter Runways but it extendes it self to the Spring and Summer too. Change the colors to PASTELS and your in the Spring =D I will have some Spring and Summer nail tutorials coming too (hopefuly with better quality