TV Series: Girls (2012)

Girls is a 30 minute comedy drama about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s, the ups and downs of their lives as the obstacles come and bang on the door.  is the creator and also stars as Hannna. In the mix are her friends: Marnie (), Jessa () and Shoshanna ().

Girls was appointed to me by Chanelette ) a youtuber that I love watching. She vlogs a lot among other beauty videos. I love all of her videos but the ones I love most are the decor hauls. 

So I started watching Girls inspired by her and fell in love with the normality of it, how I can relate to the characters and the blunt way it's reproduced in the series. 

From the first episodes you can see if you love it or hate it. It's small but precise. I would give it a 8/10. And I can say it's gotten better but the root is there it just spread a little bigger now =) Being a girl you can identify with any or all the characters and being a boy you can have some insight to what is a "girls life", of course it's a bit exaggerate but what girls is not a bit exaggerated =D

TV Series: The Originals

The Originals is a series about vampires but these are not ordinary vampires they are the first vampires or the first vampire family. The series revolves around Klaus () which is a hybrid - vampire and wolf - then their are other very important family members like Elijah () my favourite among the vampire family =) and the most loved brother of Klaus, there sister Rebekah () and there other two brothers Kol () and another. =) Klaus's mother is a witch and his "father" is a vampire hunter. 

In Resume: "The original family" of vampires lived in the city of New Orleans where they lived happily. However, all has changed and it's up to them to take back what they built. And try to get that happy family all together again.

It's a very interesting series and it's mother was The Vampire Diaries but it does not match it, they are different the only thing they have in common is their love for family. It's quite interesting and I would give it a 8/10.  

TV Series: The Vampire Diaries (2009)

The Vampire Diaries is a very well known series of vampires, werewolves and witches. The centre of the series is Elena () and the two vampire brothers Stefan () and Damon (). It involves these three in a web of love, betrayal and sacrifice mixed in with their friends Bonnie () - the witch that is always helping, Jeremy () Elena's brother, Caroline () - the friend that is always there, Matt () the ex, Tyler () - the werewolf, among others that enter and "abandon" leaving a trail of blood and suffering.

It's a quite intense series and if you are a girl you will certainly like it even if you don't like vampires because if you don't like Stefan you will love Damon (which is my case =D) and there are others very good too ;D

It's on it's 6th season so if you haven't seen it, what I doubt you should start now! =) They promise a 7th one and I do think hey have story for it. 

The series is so good that it sprung a new series The Originals also a vampire series. 

I will not bored you with more details of the series because if you see the first 4 episodes you will love it and be hooked or just hate it. I would give it a 9/10 but opinions do differ, my boyfriend wouldn't even give it a 5/10 =D

March Beauty Buyzzz

This month, of March, I thought I could grab some new things for my beauty collection and also some essentials:

     1. Corine de Farme Conditioner - which is a bit light for me but smells lovely

     2. Nalural Honey: Coco Adiction Body Shower Gel - this is an essential for my boyfriend he loves it and it smells wonderful, I would love to use it but I'm allergic =/

     3. Fa Deo Floral Protect - is wonderful for your skin, the smell is fantastic and it also works great in the gym which in my case is saying a lot =D

     4. Essence Eye Pencil in the colour Kajai - very nice and light colour to brighten the eyes

     5. Essence Gel Eyeliner in Purple - very beautiful and vibrant colour and can be darken to an almost black

     6. Essence Nail Art Magnetic Polish - paint your nails with this colour and you will see a green, brown and purple mix of colours when you move your hands. It's very beautiful with or without the magnetic designs

     7. Essence Pastel Yellow Nail Polish - very beautiful, two coats nail polish that will be great for Spring time

     8. Essence Glossy Lipbalm in Apple Pie - smells wonderful and looks juicy on your lips, also tastes great but don't eat it all because then your lips will not be hydrated =D

And these were the beauty products I bought this month if you liked this please tell me because I will do more. It's a lot of fun trying new things out and it's also a excuse to buy more beauty stuff =D

Hope your having a great day and thanks for reading!

TV Series: 12 Monkeys

The 12 Monkeys is a series semi-based on the movie (same name) and it's a sci-fy and action series very elaborated. For those that haven't seen the movie...

Resume of the movie: The movie starred Bruce Willis as James Cole, a convicted criminal in a post-apocalyptic future where the Earth's population is forced to live underground after a deadly virus. In a bid to earn a pardon, Cole uses the imperfect science of time travel to help collect information on the virus released by the Army of the Twelve Monkeys. 

Resume of the series: Cole (Aaron Stanford), Railly (Amanda Schull) race to stop the virus from being deployed as a bio-weapon and used to destroy human kind. They are trying to change the future but is that possible? And if it is will it become better?

This series, in my opinion, has a lot of space to grow in to a even greater series. It was based in one of the best movies of it's time and just that gives it a jump start.

I give this series a 10/10 because I just can't wait for the next episode and the next, and the next.... =D I recommend it to everybody, lovers or not of sci-fy series. And if you have not seen the movie also recommend. I've seen it again just because I missed it ;) 

TV Series: Helix

Helix is a series about a disease outbreak in a high-tech facility in the Arctic, just out of the legal jurisdiction of prying noses, that ramps up the tension as a team from the Center for Disease Control arrives on the scene to help. What they find is something very bad and very weird.

Created and written by Cameron Porsandeh, Helix comes from a fine brain trust of executive producers: Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica), Lynda Obst (Contact) and Steven Maeda (Lost, The X-Files).  So, despite the ease with which many of these ambitious ideas go sideways, there's certainly faith in those behind the curtain to pull something off.

The story starts out in the Arctic but takes of and spreads it's wings to an island in the second season, which I'm loving. There are always hints that things are bigger than they appear, of course, and so Helix could move its environs and expand its world. And there will be twists that you were not expecting which makes the series very interesting and grips you to it.

There are a lot of other series like The Stain that have a similar base and then just gone bad =) But that is a topic for another day. I love seeing this and I would give it a 8/10.

TV Series: The 100

The 100 is a series about an earth that destroyed it self and 97 years after the nuclear war and spending this time in a decadent ship, they send 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet, but they are surprised...

As always it has a twist, this series is full of surprises and it always changes when your not expecting. I would say the cast of new actors are quite good and they have been increasingly getting better as the series comes a long. 

The second season is even better than the first and there is even a slight resemblance to The Hunger Games arena with its varied terrain and mapped-out locations, almost to suggest there's someone controlling them all, we will see in the episodes/seasons to come =)

I'm loving this series and it's one of those I'm always waiting for the next episode anxiously so I do recommend it very passionately =D I would give it a 9/10.

TV Series: Black Sails (2014)

Black Sails is a series about pirates. If you like pirate movies you will like this series =) It's full of action and fighting. Most of the scenes are on a boat or of the sea but there is also some land diplomacy to attend to.

This ambitious pirate story is helped immensely by going beyond the pay cable freedoms that often bog down lesser shows in boobs, blood and sex. But of course it has all of that too ;D Black Sails steers itself out of that realm after a few episodes and makes a play for bigger, more complicated stories. Solid acting patches up weaker spots. A series worth a look. 

Resume: It starts a little bit soft, you can't judge it from the first 4 episodes. More into the 6th episode it gets much better and in the last and beginning of the second season even more so. This new Michael Bay pirate series, set in 1715, during the "Golden Age of piracy." Here's a genre series that's got a lot of what you'd expect from Starz, gratuitous nudity, bloodshed and mayhem, but it also has a complicated story to spin.
Co-created and co-written by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, Black Sails tells the story of Capt. Flint (Toby Stephens), who runs the Walrus ship and is the most feared captain of all those docking in lawless New Providence Island. His crew includes the quartermaster, Gates (Mark Ryan), and first mate Billy Bones (Tom Hopper), who is next in line.

I'm watching this series second to Crossbones maybe that's why I just like Crossbones more, but my boyfriend says it's better and a bunch of US reviewers the same. It also has promises to continue as the third season is on it's way. I would say take a look at both and judge them your selves and then come here and leave me your opinion on it =)

I would give it a 7/10. It's a great series to see before going to bed =)

TV Series: Crossbones (2014)

Crossbones is a series based on a life of a pirate - Blackbeard. As you can already tell it's a pirates series =D and like all pirate series/movie you love it or hate it. 

Most pirate stories are clichés because nobody is thinking about how to redefine them. They are only thinking about how to work within the parameters of swords, blood-thirsty men, remote islands and billowing cotton clothes. They are working in a swashbuckling genre when they ought to be fleeing from it, or turning it on its head. As you watch Crossbones, you might realise something. It looks like fun. It looks like a bunch of actors who like to play dress up and to be someone different than themselves, are having a wonderful time being pirates. The sets are kind of silly. The costumes are kind of silly. The acting is definitely silly. The sword play is like a kind of actor’s recess. You get the sense that Cross and a whole bunch of actors and production people are putting on a play with someone else’s money and having a grand old time of it. =D

By many reviewers in the US, Black Sails is a much better series than Crossbones but I beg the differ. I love Crossbones much more maybe because I saw it first or maybe because of John Malkovich =) Love his acting it's really unique. But just in case and if you like pirates movies take a view at the first 4-6 episodes of each series and leave me your opinion in the comments.

I'm seeing both and I'm loving them. I would give Crossbones a 8/10.