TV Series: Crossbones (2014)

Crossbones is a series based on a life of a pirate - Blackbeard. As you can already tell it's a pirates series =D and like all pirate series/movie you love it or hate it. 

Most pirate stories are clich├ęs because nobody is thinking about how to redefine them. They are only thinking about how to work within the parameters of swords, blood-thirsty men, remote islands and billowing cotton clothes. They are working in a swashbuckling genre when they ought to be fleeing from it, or turning it on its head. As you watch Crossbones, you might realise something. It looks like fun. It looks like a bunch of actors who like to play dress up and to be someone different than themselves, are having a wonderful time being pirates. The sets are kind of silly. The costumes are kind of silly. The acting is definitely silly. The sword play is like a kind of actor’s recess. You get the sense that Cross and a whole bunch of actors and production people are putting on a play with someone else’s money and having a grand old time of it. =D

By many reviewers in the US, Black Sails is a much better series than Crossbones but I beg the differ. I love Crossbones much more maybe because I saw it first or maybe because of John Malkovich =) Love his acting it's really unique. But just in case and if you like pirates movies take a view at the first 4-6 episodes of each series and leave me your opinion in the comments.

I'm seeing both and I'm loving them. I would give Crossbones a 8/10.

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