March Beauty Buyzzz

This month, of March, I thought I could grab some new things for my beauty collection and also some essentials:

     1. Corine de Farme Conditioner - which is a bit light for me but smells lovely

     2. Nalural Honey: Coco Adiction Body Shower Gel - this is an essential for my boyfriend he loves it and it smells wonderful, I would love to use it but I'm allergic =/

     3. Fa Deo Floral Protect - is wonderful for your skin, the smell is fantastic and it also works great in the gym which in my case is saying a lot =D

     4. Essence Eye Pencil in the colour Kajai - very nice and light colour to brighten the eyes

     5. Essence Gel Eyeliner in Purple - very beautiful and vibrant colour and can be darken to an almost black

     6. Essence Nail Art Magnetic Polish - paint your nails with this colour and you will see a green, brown and purple mix of colours when you move your hands. It's very beautiful with or without the magnetic designs

     7. Essence Pastel Yellow Nail Polish - very beautiful, two coats nail polish that will be great for Spring time

     8. Essence Glossy Lipbalm in Apple Pie - smells wonderful and looks juicy on your lips, also tastes great but don't eat it all because then your lips will not be hydrated =D

And these were the beauty products I bought this month if you liked this please tell me because I will do more. It's a lot of fun trying new things out and it's also a excuse to buy more beauty stuff =D

Hope your having a great day and thanks for reading!


  1. hi, just wanted to say that i love your blog and have subscribed to your youtube and i was wondering if you could check out my blog and youtube?
    bridie xx
    p.s my youtube name is bridieeatingcake

    1. Sorry just replying now =( I went to you blog but I could not find a link to your youtube channel would love to take a peek at it =)