TV Series: House of Cards

House of cards is a 55 minutes series which has already two seasons out and the third is coming out in February.

In resume: Kevin Spacey, a congressman works his way up the "food chain" with his wife at his side and as equally convicted to the same objectives as Frank.
In the second season Beau Willimon, which is responsible for House of Cards, wants them to fast a bit of the victory they earned last season but not gorge on it. They must face big issues in this series to step up on the game.
Willimon, who paired with director Carl Franklin for the first two episodes, has mostly delivered on the good stuff that makes House of Cards watchable. However, he's still prone to letting Frank pontificate to the point of spouting cliches from time to time.

There is a particular thing in this series which is a type of narrative that Underwood does, addressing the viewer directly. This, to me, is a fun twist speciality when Frank doesn't actually address the camera in the first episode of the secons season until just before the end: "Did you think I'd forgotten you?" Frank asks, looking directly into the camera. "Perhaps you hoped I had."

We started seeing this series at the beginning of the year and we already saw it all, also we are anxious to see the third season. It deserves, without a doubts all the hype it receives and even more. It is described as a Dramatic series but I would say it a tips of a Political Thriller because you are constantly on your feet and hanging on to the popcorn to see what comes next. It also has a lot of plots and some romance it is not all politics :)

I give it a 10/10 without a flinch and I recommend everyone to see because you can even learn how not to act, or how to... I leave that to your personal choice. Just know that everything you do always comes back to you sooner or later!

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