TV Series: Girls (2012)

Girls is a 30 minute comedy drama about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s, the ups and downs of their lives as the obstacles come and bang on the door.  is the creator and also stars as Hannna. In the mix are her friends: Marnie (), Jessa () and Shoshanna ().

Girls was appointed to me by Chanelette ) a youtuber that I love watching. She vlogs a lot among other beauty videos. I love all of her videos but the ones I love most are the decor hauls. 

So I started watching Girls inspired by her and fell in love with the normality of it, how I can relate to the characters and the blunt way it's reproduced in the series. 

From the first episodes you can see if you love it or hate it. It's small but precise. I would give it a 8/10. And I can say it's gotten better but the root is there it just spread a little bigger now =) Being a girl you can identify with any or all the characters and being a boy you can have some insight to what is a "girls life", of course it's a bit exaggerate but what girls is not a bit exaggerated =D

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