Reality TV: Hell's Kitchen

I don't see a bunch of reality TV but Hell's Kitchen is just at the TOP of the TOP. 

It's a 42 minutes Game-Show where selected cooks and house-cooks are competing against one another and also in group showing which is the best under pressure cook in the mix.

Gordon Ramsay is an amazing cook and I will eat, one day, food that he made =) (it's a dream and a honor) And in this show he inspires other cooks to be the best they can be at the same time as showing us what he expects from a restaurant of his. 

I also see his channels on youtube:
     - Gordon Ramsay
     - The F Word

Which I also recommend seeing for great and fast recipes.

I recommend this series to every food lover and even reality TV lovers. If you aren't either give it a go too =D I give it a 10/10!!!

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