2015 Resolutions/Goals

Last year I wrote some resolutions down on my planner and it really helped me to achieve them. This year I've already written some down and I also made a video reviewing my last year and also talking about this year's resolutions/goals:

I'm happy to say that even though this year started on a wrong foot for me I'm giving it all I can by trying to do everything on my list. I've been sick since day 2 =( but I have pushed through and I think I will be successful =)

My goals for this year are:
      1. Exercise 4-5 days per week
      2. Eat home made and healthy meals
      3. Drink 2 litters of water per day
      4. Start running outside when the weather get better
      5. Blogging, Instagraming, Twitering and Pinning... more
      6. Make better quality videos and also edit better
      7. Visit my family more than last year  
      8. Be more organised (mostly at home: trying a new schedule =D
      9. Get my youtube subscribers to 100 (maybe 200 until the end of the year?!)
      10. Get my weight down 5-7 kg

I have some more personal goals but these are the top 10 ones. Hopefully I did not forget any but check out the video to see if I did.

If you are an image person and need to see your goals everyday I would recommend you go and see a friend of mine video that has a fantastic goal board:

VasseurBeauty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThiMg33aIow

Hope you like, and subscribe to her, as much as I do =D

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