Movie: Lucy

Lucy is a sci-fi thriller of 89 minutes that fantasises about unlocking 100 percent of the brain's potential and expects viewers to be using just 2 or 3 percent of their own grey matter =)

The idea is some what interesting but the making is just wrong, it should be different in a lot of different aspects and leaves us (viewers) with a bunch of questions about in one scene she can do this but on the other she can't?!!?

Besson's script offers neither the well-drawn character dynamics nor the clear motivations of a decent comic book origin story.
Helpfully, Besson mixed Lucy's story and an academic lecture in Paris where a researcher has been hypothesising about the very thing that is happening to her, making remarkably specific predictions about what might happen if humans were able to use more than the 10 percent we currently use (a myth) of the magnificent supercomputers in our heads. His ideas, like some of the film's other early scenes, are illustrated with cutaways to nature footage suggesting the ways in which all of Earth's creatures are interconnected, governed by the same laws. Think Besson doing The Tree of Life =D

I would go in a different path and reach the same enlightenment than Besson. But I would say it's a 6/10 just a bit above average because of the actors and great basic idea.

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