Movie: Predestination (2014)

Predestination is a 97 minutes sci-fi thriller with a twist that will discuss you. But just look at it scientifically and it will be better =D

Inevitability and destiny are at the root of this mind-twisting adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s. A  complicated story, often boggling and frequently challenging, sci-fi drama dealing with the self, identity, gender and, of course, the paradox of time travel. It's a lot to fit in to one unique movie but Heinlein did it and it's very well constructed.

Predestination takes temporal paradoxes to an entirely new level. I don't want to reveal the gold of the movie but what I can say is that it gave me a little bit of a bad disposition, but very worth it. Still, it’s the kind of movie that will get audiences talking, trying to find the “beginning” of the story and piecing together—or tearing apart—the logic of it. 

The final 15 minutes, sadly, feel a bit rushed. And the final reveals come at a frantic pace that clashes with the earlier relatively slower and meticulous pace. 

For me it's a 8/10. I would recommend you to see it.

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