TV Series: The Last Ship

The Last Ship is about a Navy ship that has managed to avoid the worldwide pandemic that killed about 80 percent of the world's population. The crew's task now is to find a cure, stay alive and shield their eyes from shrapnel when things blow up, because lots of things blow up =D

The series consists of about 60 minutes and also has a little Suspense and Drama in the mix but it's mostly and Action series with the well known MC Steamy from Grey's Anatomy =) That is one reason there to watch the series!!!

My boyfriend is loving this series, I have a slightly different opinion: it is a series that is based on it's Action without things blowing up and shooting some targets it would have short bones, but I think it's getting better because not everything is on a ship (later on the season) =) I have seen a bunch of space ship series where all the action and most of the series are on a space ship but I couldn't support more episodes of them on the U.S Navy Ship. I do think that is my Sci-Fi lovin' part.

It already has a second season thought out for 2015.

This is mostly directed to the guys out there, but I would recommend to all Action lovers. I would give it a 6.8/10.

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