Movie: Maleficent

Maleficent is another version of The Sleeping Beauty, a more Dark Action version!

This Movie has a duration of 97 minutes and leaves you with all kind of emotions. Of course I had to cry about 5 times in the movie because all animation or animation type movies do that to me =D This one could not be different. It has a lot of Action, Romance/Love and Fantasy like all Disney movies

Angelina Jolie is my favourite actresses so of course I would see this movie with loving eyes =) But putting that aside, it was a very well made film from the realistic way that Beauty fell and details of here face moving to the details of Maleficent's wings moving. Those type of effects are made by pros. The movie making was a great success and they took the Fantasy world to another level of reality that will be hard to be topped

The worst part, for me, the fight with the trees that was "a copy" from Lord of the Rings... They could of been a little more original in that scene.

I loved it and do recommend to all ages. I gave it a 9.2/10.

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