Movie: Transformers

One more Transformers movie... I love Transformers movies but this last one just left me thinking: "Who changed this?? Why did they change it?? It's getting worst isn't it?!!". It wasn't just me thinking this because I saw it with my boyfriend and he said the same. The "bots" are there but it's the humans that don't fit the part and the writing/producing is worse... sorry but it's just getting bad. I hope the promised fifth that is coming in 2016 is better because I was sad that I didn't go see this movie at the cinema but after seeing it I'm glad.

To me the best Transformers movies were the second and third maybe more the third but they are both really great action movies and that was what I was expecting from this one. In my opinion it lacked in action and had too much car racing... 

If the 5th to come is equally disappointing, it looks like it's going out with "more of a whimper than a bang" as I read in some other reviews.

I sincerely hope that Mark Wahlber does not enter the next one because I do thing he is not the right guy (I do not dislike the actor but I just think he does not fit the role needed in this movie).

I started by just bad nothing the movie and didn't talk a little bit about it for those who did not see any of the four movies: Unlike the middle-class, suburban Sam Witwicky (from the first two movies) — whose mix-up with the Transformers began when he bought a flashy car to fish for a hot date — Cade ( Mark Wahlber in the 4th movie) is a broke Texan who gets into trouble buying a patched-up truck he intends to dismantle and sell off to pay the rent and future college fees of his daughter.

It has neither the first movie's comedic scenes born of the interactions between humans and "bots", neither attains the hyper-sensationalism that makes the second and third utterly over-the-top grandiose showcases of demolition, witch is what I love most =D

It's 165 minutes and 12.6 million dollar movie made of fighting scenes that are badly linked =(

I do have a positive saying about the film: " I loved the dino-bots " =)

I would recommend seeing just get it from a video store and watch at home so you can have the complete sequel for the last movie (hopefully better - and it must be because they had to many bad reviews =D).

I give the first Transformers 9.6/10,
the second 9.9/10,
the third 10/10,
and the forth 5.4/10.

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