TV Series: Extant

Extant is a futuristic Sci-fi/Thriller about a astronaut which after being in space for about a year, comes home and now is trying to reconnect with her family. She experienced a set of events at space that ultimately change the course of human history.

It has a duration of 45 minutes but it involves you so much that it seems less. It's a very vague series and has a lot that it can work with. 

My boyfriend said that it started good and now it's slowing down. My opinion is a bit different because I thing it started captivating us with the alien part and branched out to be a totally different thing. I'm very curious to see more and if it is going to grow in a good direction or not. Most of the series that have a lot of different ways to vary, chose the wrong path... in my opinion.

It's great to have this kind of series out in the Summer because most of the series are "paused" and we have space to see one more =D 

I recommend this series to everyone... I already recommended it to some of my close friends =D And they are loving it. I would give it a 9/10.

I love me some robots, always!!!

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