TV Series: Lost Girl

Lost Girl is a 60 minute Fantasy/Crime series. This series is idealy made for the loveres of wolfman, vampires and supernatural powers.

It's a kind of darivation from Buffy or Angel but a bit more modern and with more supernatural powers.

This is a story about Bo - a succubus - who feeds off sexual energy to survive. She's alone and doesn't undersand why this is happening but rapidly finds her more people with different abbilities and discoveres this whole different world. She refeuses to embrace their clan system and its rigid hierarchy. Bo is a renegade who takes up the fight for the underdog while searching for the truth about her own mysterious origins.

It has a big amount of Action and Romance scenes which makes it intersting and usualy I like to see more than one or two episodes in one day. I'm always curiouse to see what comes next or how that "mini story" is going to end. 

Canadian producer Prodigy Pictures told The Hollywood Reporterthat Lost Girl will wrap internationally after its upcoming season, and Syfy confirmed the fifth season will be the last one stateside.

I would recomend this to all fantasy/action loveres and it's also a girly sereis because of the amount of LOVE =D I give it a 7.7/10 because it keeps me intressed.

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