Valentino Inspired Hair Tutorial: Bubble Ponytail

Some time ago I was watching the runway shows and this hair style caught my eye because it's easy to do everyday =D and it's really fun.

Get inspired by Guido Palau’s hairstyle and apply elastics on each section of your ponytail, tease and your ready to go!

In case you would like to see a tutorial I have one on my youtube channel:

Mine is a bit crooked =S but you can get the idea (hopefully) and I had a lot of fun doing this one even though my cat was in front of the mirror =/ I did not do a centre part because it's more flattering on me when it's all back.

I'm going to do more Runway inspired looks (not just hair tutorials) so stay with your eyes pealed =D

Did you see any runway shows? What was your favourite hairstyle for Fall/Autumn? 

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