TV Series: Elementary

Elementary is a Sherlock series. It's not as good as the series: Sherlock but it's a good Crime series. It's already on a second season and a third is coming =) 

It has a lot of neat tricks and tips for you to notice better what surrounds you and also you can "learn" how to read a scene (not really but almost =D). 

It is very repetitive like any CSI but it also has a little romance in the mix.

Sherlock is sent to New York by his father after falling out of favour as a consultant for Scotland Yard and also needing a stint in rehab. This Sherlock story has a twist: Watson is Female =D

I'm loving the series but I do think it should have more action so that I would be stuck to the monitor. That's why I'm just giving it a 6.4/10. 
For me a series that has a lot of action and makes me want to see 3 or more episodes at once makes the 7 mark, if it doesn't get me stuck to it... sorry but I cant give it more.

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