TV Series: Dominion (2014)

D ominion is a 90 minute Action/Fantasy series that just showed it's last episodes of season two some days ago.
Most of the reviews of this series is terrible, not bad but just simply horrible and mean. I'm not saying it's the greatest series out there but if you LOVE fantasy and angels than this is a series for you. Just you can see through the bad acting and writing everyone talks about and take the good message in.

In Resume: Dominion takes place in an post-apothalytic future where an army of lower angels possess mankind assembled by the archangel Gabriel. The archangel Michel takes the side of mankind and tries to save a boy that is destined to save the world and relinquish the angels from the possessed.

Most of you will not like this series but I can say it's a 5/10 and that is a good series to have in background of something else. Also there are some crazy ideas thrown that I like to discuss with myself when I need a brake from what work I'm doing at the time ;)
If you start seeing the series you might recognise some actors from other series, like me =)

Maybe in a near future someone will make a more well written and elaborated series similar to this one, it's become fashion to recycle or make movies in to series so I do think there will be a better version of this series in the next years, in the mean time I will be seeing this one and I do think there is a third season coming.

Just A LITTLE EXTRA, why do these type of series continue and Hannibal - the series - has ended? At it's third season and with so much potential to continue at least for more two. I will be reviewing Hannibal soon!

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