Hi everyone long time no read =D
I have not written a post in a long time but I'm starting this year with a great one which is The New Year Resolutions!

  1.  Exercise 5x per week;
  2.  Continue running outside and run 10 km once every week trying to do it in 1h or less;
  3.  Go swimming 2x per week;
  4.  Eat "clean" 5x per week;
  5.  Get my CHOCOLATE intake under control;
  6.  Don't go to bed without everything being tidy;
  7.  Get to 1000 subbies on my Youtube Channel;
  8.  Improve my Channel by:
    • sticking to the schedule,
    • reading and answering comments everyday,
    • get a bit more artsy,
    • doing more blog posts related to my videos,
    • instagraming more.
  9.  Get some basics in a new language;
  10. Start painting.

I think 10 resolutions are a bunch and there are here some that will be hard to do but this year as I explain them in my video, I want to get it under control because last year I could not do it and this year is the year =D 

Some of the Resolutions I don't mention in my youtube video but I really would like to do them because I think we should always try to improve ourselves as much as we can (related to learning a new language). And I miss painting too.


  1. Nice goals :D wow exercise 5 times a week looks like a though one. I have to exercise more too. Great thing that you want to tidy your room every day before bed I do this too and it makes you go to sleep so much happier, I hate it if my room is messy.

    1. I've been working at exercising more these past 2-3 years, that is why it is at 5x per week =) I started at once to twice and grown from there. I think the tidy part is going to be harder for me ;D Have a great year.

  2. Best of luck with your resolutions! I would love to start doing more exercise this year too (and I seriously need to cut down on the chocolate as well!) so hopefully I manage to stick with it.

  3. go watch now :D