TV Series: Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a Sci-fy series about cloning, begins with two embryos being split into two before being split again... and again... and again. A simple concept, yet encompasses the theme of the clone drama. It already has two seasons and the third is on it's way.

In Resume: Season one started with our introduction to foul-mouthed, street-tough and punkish Sarah,  After a long absence, she returns to reclaim and be reunited with her young daughter, Kira. She witnesses the suicide of police detective Beth, who looked exactly like her so she decides to steal Beth’s identity not knowing she was a cop or that they were clones.
More through the series Sarah discovers where they all came from and who was trying to kill them, finding some other "sister clones" in the process.
The second season is all about a religious cult hell-bent on destroying the clones introducing a number of new enigmatic characters in to the mix.

For the viewers that don't like sci-fy series this is so well done that you can overlook the paranormal elements in the characters and it is written well enough that you aren't just constantly thinking, "She's a clone"; your thinking, "Oh, that's Cosima, who is completely different from Alison," etc. The makers proved in early stages that the series has a lot of substance than you might expect.

The series is fantastic as I Love Sci-fy series so I'm immediately a fan until proved wrong. For me this is a 9.7/10 because it has a bunch of action, the actress is quite good and love their wardrobe =D

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