Suno Inspired Nails || Gold Tips

Christmas is coming and of course the sparkles with it! I love sparkles all year arround but this time of year I can use them everyday, all day =D

I love Fashion and see what is on the runways is allways a thing I love to do. If I love something from there it's certain I'm going to buy it and/or make it. It's easy to be in fashion when you love the TREND and these nails are easy and fun to do.  Just make the trend yours giving it you twist like I did with a sparkly accent nail. If you like you can change up the colors of the tips.

This design is very popular in the Fall and Winter Runways but it extendes it self to the Spring and Summer too. Change the colors to PASTELS and your in the Spring =D I will have some Spring and Summer nail tutorials coming too (hopefuly with better quality

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