About Me

I'm Nicka and I'm a girly girl!

All my life people said I have a different style and that I love to paint my nails and "do my face" more than the usual girl =D Finally I embraced that and made this blog.

I was born in Australia, Sydney and moved to Portugal when I was 7. Portugal was not the country for me until I came to Coimbra and started embracing Portugal for it's wonders: My boyfriend ;D

I a blogger for a long time and in the past I have had a various number of different blogs about all types of things but I always loved to blog about my life. This blog is centred in beauty but what is more beautiful than LIFE it self.

To complement this blog and vice-versa, I have a youtube channel (NickaPaulo) which is constantly growing and getting better, I hope. Your opinions are very important to me so please leave comments here or on my youtube channel on whatever (I will gladly respond and/or do)

I try to travel as much as I can (it is one of my biggest passions) and I love to share with you my experiences in which my boyfriend will also appear a lot =)